What’s The Best Anti Snore Pillow – Tips and Suggestions

So you must have exhausted everything possible to do away with your snoring. Also, you may have tried all ways to stop your snoring, but to no avail. Well, have you tried an anti-snore pillow?

If that snoring problem has become an irritating part of your life, then you ought to give the anti-snore pillows a try. Their efficacy has actually been attested by many people.

As a matter fact, there are a slew of options to pick from; you just have to dig a little deeper on various brands so that you get the best anti-snoring pillow. So, what’s the best anti snore pillow?

Well, all these pillows (at least most of them) are completely safe. But let’s be sincere here – there is a few downsides and illogical detours to the anti-snore pillows, especially if you are not careful with the kind of pillow you choose.

For example, some of the anti-snore pillows come with adjustments like a lowered center section that is elevated at the edges towards the bottom. This supports the chin.

Nevertheless, this is something that some people would love, while others will find it uncomfortable. And that’s why some of the customer reviews will have different opinions.

Whenever you are looking for the best anti-snore pillow, it is advisable that you checkout such aspects.

Basically, snoring shouldn’t be thought as a huge problem unless the condition leads to other health complications like arrhythmia.

As long as the snoring doesn’t cause any disturbances to your treasured sleeping pattern, then you are good.

Sleep Joy ViscoFresh Memory Foam (Advanced Contour) Pillow

Sleep Joy ViscoFresh Memory Foam Advanced Contour PillowThis anti-snore pillow provides a two-sided health support – for side and/or back sleepers. Its high-density memory foam is very comforting to the head and neck. It is also hypoallergenic and uses plant-based ingredients.

The plant-based ingredients (natural green tea) get rid of chemical odors, ensuring a 5 times circulation of air, thus ventilation is guaranteed.

  • 100% polyester nanotex coolest comfort fabric shell, which wicks away moisture
  • Zippered outer cover encloses and shields your pillow
  • Durable since its inner cover protects it for long life
  • 100% polyurethane

The customer reviews on Amazon give Sleep Joy an average of 4.5 rating, and you can check it out here.

Comfysleep Buckwheat Pillow

ComfySleep Buckwheat PillowThis 4.4 Amazon rated anti-snore is a US product and is handmade by a family business. Buckwheat Pillow is comfy and easy to use. Most customer reviews say positive things about this particular pillow. (Click here to see the reviews)

For example, there are no more blurry eyes from your partner because he or she couldn’t sleep well due to your exasperating snoring.

The makers claim that this anti-snoring pillow allows you to sleep in a natural position. Better still; it has been clinically proven to reduce snoring.

  • Made from a durable 100 percent cotton twill
  • Zippered openings allow for removal and addition of buckwheat
  • It fits into a standard-sized pillow case, and has a washable outer cover.
  • It has been handmade in the United Sates by a family business
  • The pillow is filled with 5lbs of chemical-free buckwheat hulls, which is American grown
  • Offers complete neck and head support for a restful sleep

Clara Clark Rayon Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow

Clara Clark Anti Snore PillowThis pillow has been designed to provide a relaxed night’s sleep. It favors those who love to sleep either on their side, front or back. It enables your muscles to properly relax, thus offering a natural support alignment to your body.

The shredded memory foam lets air circulate, and in result, the pillow becomes breathable and hence keeps you cool during your sleep. Additionally, the foam also prevents bacteria and dust mites.

As if that is not enough, the Clara Clark anti-snore pillow has a cool design with a natural supportive alignment. This not only reduces snoring, but also reduces cases of migraines and back and neck pains.

  • 40 percent bamboo and 60 percent microfiber
  • Standard size of 19 x 29 Inches (49 x 74 cm)
  • Weighs approximately 4.5lbs
  • Zippered removable cover
  • The inside is filled with 100 percent of shredded memory foam
  • Durable, easy care and machine-washable
  • Antibacterial, Hypoallergenic, and resistant to dust mite

Its Amazon user rating is 4.5. Check out the reviews here.

In Conclusion

Now, what’s the best anti snore pillow? With the aforementioned suggestions (and a few tips), hopefully, you will get the exactly what is best for you.

When it comes to the customer reviews, simply read between the lines, where you will be able to get some ideas of what people are saying about different brands.

Depending on what might have caused your snoring problem, an anti-snore pillow may or may not be the culmination of the problem. However, getting one of these pillows is definitely a step in the right direction.

How to Deal With a Snoring Spouse

Having a snoring spouse can be frustrating so if you’re trying to find how to deal with a snoring spouse, then you’ve come to the right place. Many couples struggle when one has a snoring problem so you’re certainly not the first with this problem. If it’s becoming a problem on a regular basis, you can use this advice to find a resolution
Encourage a Doctor’s Visit

In many cases, snoring is caused by partially blocked airways, which can actually be dangerous to a person’s health. If your spouse snores on a nightly basis, then you should encourage him or her to make a doctor’s appointment. If your spouse’s blocked airways prevent adequate oxygen from getting to the brain at night, this is a serious condition and may need surgery, lifestyle changes, or a CPAP machine. A doctor can diagnose sleep apnea or related disorders and recommend the best course of action. So, before you change anything, try getting a second opinion first.

Consider Weight Loss

Having excess weight, especially in your midsection can cause chronic snoring. However, even a modest weight loss can show significant improvements so you may want to consider this option. Not only will it decrease the snoring, it’s also great for overall health and longevity.

Common Solutions

If snoring is occasional or isn’t caused by a serious problem, then you may want to try some of the common remedies that usually work or alleviate the problem. Having your spouse try breathe right strips is a great initial idea. These strips work by opening the nasal passages, helping to encourage normal breathing patterns at night. This is a great and simple remedy to use.

You can also try changing how you sleep. Many couples find that sleeping with earplugs in blocks the noise and is a simple, but effective solution. If you don’t enjoy sleeping with earplugs, consider getting a larger bed. Even being a foot away from your spouse can make a huge difference in how much noise you can hear, so this may fix the problem. In some cases, spouses may even consider having two separate beds or sleeping in separate rooms. This may not appeal to you, but can be a good temporary solution for when you need a full night’s sleep and don’t have any other options. And, if you are the type of person who may enjoy listening to something while you go to sleep, consider sleeping while listening to music in your earbuds. This will block out most of the noise while also giving you a good melody to sleep to.

Finally, a common solution that couples use is poking the person who is snoring. Since this usually wakes the other person up, it will be a temporary solution but will not yield long-term results. For this reason as well as being an annoyance, consider some of the other options mentioned instead. These are some of the most effective ways to deal with a snoring spouse and provide a range of options from simple to more serious depending on each couple.

Yoga for Snoring – Does it Help?

A person snores when his or her breathing passage is temporarily blocked. Snoring has become very common these days due to various reasons that include stress, bad eating habits, obesity, certain medicines, tonsillitis, smoking and consumption of alcohol. Through it is not a serious health condition, it attributes to progress of numerous health conditions.

It can lead to various health problems such as hypertension, sleep apnea, headache, and heart disease. Snoring problems can also be a major nuisance to other people sleeping next to the snoring person or sleeping in the next room. Snoring will also affect the quality of your sleep because your body will have to work extra hard to ensure you get sufficient supply of fresh air.

There are numerous natural ways on how to stop snoring. Some of these natural remedies include avoiding sleeping on the back, using a special pillow, eating a healthy diet and exercising for snoring. Yoga is one of the greatest remedies for snoring. It is effective and 100% natural.

How does yoga help with snoring?

Performing yoga every day will help to reduce snoring. This is because yoga will address the underlying issues that precipitate snoring.

Here are some of the common yoga techniques that can help to stop snoring.

Ujjayi Pranayama for Snoring

It is a breathing technique taught in yoga exercises. It is well-known as hissing sound method because it aims to increase the capacity of your lungs and to get rid of any blockages in your throat. The technique has been recognized among the best exercises for snoring. Practicing this exercise:

  1. Sit down in pose referred as Padma Asana or Lotus Pose, or sit down in a pose referred as Sukha Asana or Easy Pose.
  2. Then close both your eyes and start breathing deeply.
  3. Continue doing this until your body get composed or enters a state of calm.
  4. Then inhale forcefully through your nostrils, and make a throbbing sound by contracting your neck muscles. You will feel a vibration in your head and chest.
  5. You should hold this inhaled breath for a period that is all right to you.
  6. Then close one nostril using your fingers and breathe out through the other nostril.
  7. Repeat this procedure with the other nostril.

This technique should be performed four to five times daily.

Simha Garjana Asana for snoring

This technique is a good remedy for snoring. It is well-known as roaring lion pose.

  1. To perform this technique, sit down on the floor in a diamond pose.
  2. Then spread both your legs and make your thighs almost parallel to your bears.
  3. Place the palms between your knees, as your wrists points outside and your fingers points towards your body.
  4. Slant your head back and then lean forward.
  5. Ensure you maintain concentration on a point at the center of your eyebrows and inhale deep through your nostrils.
  6. Tick your tongue and breathe.
  7. Do the procedure for several times.

By practicing this technique four to five times every day can help to remove any obstructions in your breathing passages and provide effective snoring relief.

Do You Need a Mattress Pad?

Mattress pads are thin pads that are placed underneath the bedsheet and over the mattress. Mostly they are made from wool, cotton, natural latex or memory foam and each has its unique advantages.

Apart from assisting in holding the bedsheets, mattress pads provide additional comfort and softness as well as protect and increase the life of the mattress. Most of us tend to overlook the importance of mattress pads, but they are quite essential for a healthier home.

Some Reasons Why You Might Want A Mattress Pad

Keeps Allergens Away

Allergens take the healthy element of the sleep away. A mattress pad keeps these allergens away from the mattress and ensures a healthier and better sleep, without the requirement of following the tiring procedures of getting the mattresses dry cleaned at frequent intervals. Just some vacuuming after every few days can help solve the purpose and reduce the allergens and other debris that can build up over elongated periods.

Mattress pads minimize the amount of absorption of any liquids that get spilled on the bed by the mattress. This prevents the staining of the mattress as well as doesn’t allow the development foul odors and mold.

A mattress pad prevents the penetration of dust, mites and pet dander into the mattress underneath. This is very helpful for those with sensitive skin or with allergic conditions such as asthma.

Ensures Hygiene

Mattress pads are easily washable that makes it easy to maintain the bed hygiene. It protects the mattress underneath from absorbing the dead skin, sweat and drool that come off during our sleep. Parents with little children face the problem of bedwetting and cotton mattress pads can be very helpful when kept above the bed mattresses of the kids and come very handy to wash.

Reduces Body Pains

Usually, people suffer from body aches when they wake up in the morning. A thick mattress pad can be helpful in reducing such pains. A layer of soft mattress pad made up of latex or wool placed above the firm mattress of the bed provides proper support to common problem areas of the body such as hips and knees without losing back support.

Provides Cushioning and Back Support

Mattress pads not only work as a cushion to the body, but also provide a perfect back support while sleeping. The weight of the body gets evenly distributed with the help the appropriate mattress pad. The pressure on the body joints is reduced, thereby minimizing the requirement of the body to alter between positions while sleeping and improving the overall comfort level.

Adds To the Luxury

Apart from all the comforting benefits of a mattress pad, it makes the bed look more luxurious. A soft material placed beneath the bedsheets adds upon the luxury of one’s sleep.

Most people spend about one-third of their day in bed, and adding a mattress pad can help in improving the sleep quality. For a better night’s sleep, getting a mattress pad can be considered as a great option for every bed in your home.

Will Losing Weight Stop Snoring?

Snoring is undisputedly one of most common sleeping disorders in humans. And although lots of people make fun of people who snore, it’s important to know that snoring is a serious condition that ought to be addressed accordingly before it gets out of hand.

Basically, snoring occurs when one’s airways get blocked while they are asleep. This blockage interrupts the normal breathing patterns thus tampering with one’s sleep. The blockage occurs when there’s an extra tissue on the back of one’s throat that falls down over the airways thus blocking the air from going into the lungs. This extra tissue is common among people who are overweight. Thus, losing weight is the easiest and most promising way through which one can stop snoring. This is because weight loss helps reduce fat within the neck area thereby opening up the airways. While losing as little as 10% of extra weight can help alleviate these symptoms, losing more is bound to bring forth more benefits as it can completely treat this disorder. More importantly is that, losing extra weight helps get rid of other life threatening diseases such as heart related illnesses and/or sleep apnea.

Examples of ways through which you can lose weight healthily include consistent exercises such as using the stairs rather than the elevator, walking to work instead of driving and going for walks or runs. This is primarily because exercises help in strengthening the neck’s back muscles hence preventing the airways from narrowing. Eating healthy and getting enough sleep is also recommended. This is based on the fact that lack of enough sleep causes the body to crave for alternative source of energy – food. Thus, no matter how much you exercise, if you don’t get enough sleep, you’re bound to end up eating a lot more.

Other than losing weight, there exist other forms of snoring treatments. These include over-the-counter treatments such as decongestants like nasal sprays, dental appliances like malleable mouthpieces and neck positioning pillows. Other alternative forms of treatments include changing one’s sleeping position (sleeping on your side rather than on your back), reducing the intake of alcohol especially before retiring to bed and, cutting down on smoking. But just in case none of these works, then the other alternative would be to undergo surgery. An example of a surgical procedure that helps in treating snoring is radio frequency ablation for it tightens the palate.

As such if you snore while sleeping, the number one thing to do would be to try making some changes in your lifestyle. If none of these works, then, you should talk to your doctor. It’s worth noting that even though losing weight is the number one remedy for treating snoring, you need to consult with a nutritionist to help you lose weight healthily.

Once you have stopped snoring, you will have the guarantee of having a healthier sleep and also, reduced risk of suffering from some of the above mentioned life threatening diseases. In addition, you are bound to have a more fulfilling relationship since your partner will have no problem sleeping next to you.

FDA Approved Snoring Devices – Top 3

Anti-snoring mouthpieces are special devices intended for use by people afflicted with snoring that is bothersome not only to their sleep, but that of their partner as well. These mouthpieces are designed to fit inside the mouth and specifically on the lower jaw thereby enhancing the throat’s airway and eliminating strong vibrations. It is thus little wonder that they have become so popular over the past few years with both men and women enjoying their use. However, increased popularity has seen numerous brands with their own devices making it difficult to choose an anti-snoring mouthpiece that really works.

Choosing an anti-snoring mouthpiece

If you want a product that will meet your expectations, then it is important to know what is available on the market and weigh all of your options before spending any money. For instance, what type of reputation does the brand have and how much will it cost? Also, what features are on offer, does it come with a guarantee or warranty, and what are its customer reviews? Such criteria should ultimately make it easier to separate the good from the bad and ensure that you are spending your money on the ideal product. Below, therefore, we take a look at the top 3 FDA approved snoring devices as follows:

1. SnoreRx

SnoreRx is, undoubtedly, the top FDA approved anti-snoring device owing to the number of features that guarantee clinical effectiveness and user comfort. This top notch device not only takes pride in its advanced medical design, but it is also the only anti-snoring mouthpiece available on the market today that goes above and beyond the recommended standards of oral appliances used to curb obstructive sleep apnea. The custom retainer works uniquely by facilitating micro calibration settings at any time in order to achieve a comfortable fit.

SnoreRx does not use bolts, rubber bands, torsion, or springs that force the jaw forward whilst under constant pressure. Instead, it has multiple features that prevent the common effects that are associated with wearing mandibular devices. It is highly acclaimed due to the clinical effectiveness and comfort that it provides.

2. Vital Sleep

This mandibular advancement device improves airflow to the lungs and allows for quiet breathing during sleep. It is a fully customizable and adjustable FDA cleared device that continues to register a success rate of over 95%. In addition, it is 100% USA manufactured and sourced latex-free, BPA-free, flexible thermoplastic materials that are created by Dupont.

However, new users of Vital Sleep may experience some tooth or jaw discomfort initially. But as with any other jaw holding mouthpiece, this discomfort is only during the adjustment phase and should wane after several uses. Vital Sleep works wonders although users tend to think that it could do with some improvements in quality since it loses shape after some time and you can only mold it up to three times.

3. ZQuiet

The ZQuiet is a unique anti-snoring device that promises relief to users on the first night. With a special Living Hinge Technology feature that allows for the natural closing and opening of the mouth, this unit is designed to fit virtually everyone and it can even be used right out of the box. Moreover, unlike most jaw retainers, the Zquiet does not require molding nor does it involve any setup. And while you may experience some jaw or tooth discomfort during the adjustment period (usually a few hours to a few weeks), this mouth piece comes highly recommended owing to its accessibility.