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What Are The Best Pillows For Reading In Bed?

Many people love to curl up in bed to read a book. Sometimes, though, you might find it difficult to get comfortable. Maybe that old trick of just stacking a bunch of old pillows up behind you isn’t giving you the support you need, or perhaps an injury is preventing you from lying in a particular position. Or maybe you just like to have a beverage handy while you’re reading and don’t have a nearby nightstand.

Whatever has sent you here seeking advice on the best reading pillow, rest assured that by the time we’re done here, you’ll have a good idea about the types of reading pillows available, and which will suit you best.

A Bed Reading Pillow With Arms

This is, in my opinion, the best pillow for reading in bed. These pillows, also sometimes called “husband pillows,” have a supportive back, and two arms to the sides so you can rest as if you’re in your favorite chair. Some models include things like reading lights, and this super deluxe husband reading pillow has both a light and a cup holder.

carebpeudic bed lounger bed reading pillow

The Carepeutic Bed Lounger With Heated Massager may seem little excessive, but sometimes you need a massage & a beer while reading in bed in the dark on a chilly night. While that deluxe model is a bit pricey, you can find a range of prices in well-reviewed reading pillows with arms on Amazon.com.

A Reading Wedge Pillow

If you like a good supportive slant without the sometimes-awkward hugging feeling that comes from a husband pillow, then perhaps you need a bed wedge reading pillow. These pillows come in a variety of angles, materials, and densities.
wedge reading pillow


For example, this Remedy Down-Alternative Wedge reading in bed pillow shown above, if you can see it lookin’ like a ghost up there – this one’s going to provide you with a down-ish soft comfortable lounge that has a little more give.

While the steeper, Spine Reliever memory foam reading pillow shown below will have a stiffer, more supportive feel to it.

memory foam reading pillow

There are the things you must consider when researching reading pillows for bed, as only you know how much you support you want or need. Allergies must also be taken into consideration when looking at materials, but if you do have allergies, then you’re probably very aware of that.

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