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Do You Need a Mattress Pad?

Mattress pads are thin pads that are placed underneath the bedsheet and over the mattress. Mostly they are made from wool, cotton, natural latex or memory foam and each has its unique advantages.

Apart from assisting in holding the bedsheets, mattress pads provide additional comfort and softness as well as protect and increase the life of the mattress. Most of us tend to overlook the importance of mattress pads, but they are quite essential for a healthier home.

Some Reasons Why You Might Want A Mattress Pad

Keeps Allergens Away

Allergens take the healthy element of the sleep away. A mattress pad keeps these allergens away from the mattress and ensures a healthier and better sleep, without the requirement of following the tiring procedures of getting the mattresses dry cleaned at frequent intervals. Just some vacuuming after every few days can help solve the purpose and reduce the allergens and other debris that can build up over elongated periods.

Mattress pads minimize the amount of absorption of any liquids that get spilled on the bed by the mattress. This prevents the staining of the mattress as well as doesn’t allow the development foul odors and mold.

A mattress pad prevents the penetration of dust, mites and pet dander into the mattress underneath. This is very helpful for those with sensitive skin or with allergic conditions such as asthma.

Ensures Hygiene

Mattress pads are easily washable that makes it easy to maintain the bed hygiene. It protects the mattress underneath from absorbing the dead skin, sweat and drool that come off during our sleep. Parents with little children face the problem of bedwetting and cotton mattress pads can be very helpful when kept above the bed mattresses of the kids and come very handy to wash.

Reduces Body Pains

Usually, people suffer from body aches when they wake up in the morning. A thick mattress pad can be helpful in reducing such pains. A layer of soft mattress pad made up of latex or wool placed above the firm mattress of the bed provides proper support to common problem areas of the body such as hips and knees without losing back support.

Provides Cushioning and Back Support

Mattress pads not only work as a cushion to the body, but also provide a perfect back support while sleeping. The weight of the body gets evenly distributed with the help the appropriate mattress pad. The pressure on the body joints is reduced, thereby minimizing the requirement of the body to alter between positions while sleeping and improving the overall comfort level.

Adds To the Luxury

Apart from all the comforting benefits of a mattress pad, it makes the bed look more luxurious. A soft material placed beneath the bedsheets adds upon the luxury of one’s sleep.

Most people spend about one-third of their day in bed, and adding a mattress pad can help in improving the sleep quality. For a better night’s sleep, getting a mattress pad can be considered as a great option for every bed in your home.

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