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Yoga for Snoring – Does it Help?

A person snores when his or her breathing passage is temporarily blocked. Snoring has become very common these days due to various reasons that include stress, bad eating habits, obesity, certain medicines, tonsillitis, smoking and consumption of alcohol. Through it is not a serious health condition, it attributes to progress of numerous health conditions.

It can lead to various health problems such as hypertension, sleep apnea, headache, and heart disease. Snoring problems can also be a major nuisance to other people sleeping next to the snoring person or sleeping in the next room. Snoring will also affect the quality of your sleep because your body will have to work extra hard to ensure you get sufficient supply of fresh air.

There are numerous natural ways on how to stop snoring. Some of these natural remedies include avoiding sleeping on the back, using a special pillow, eating a healthy diet and exercising for snoring. Yoga is one of the greatest remedies for snoring. It is effective and 100% natural.

How does yoga help with snoring?

Performing yoga every day will help to reduce snoring. This is because yoga will address the underlying issues that precipitate snoring.

Here are some of the common yoga techniques that can help to stop snoring.

Ujjayi Pranayama for Snoring

It is a breathing technique taught in yoga exercises. It is well-known as hissing sound method because it aims to increase the capacity of your lungs and to get rid of any blockages in your throat. The technique has been recognized among the best exercises for snoring. Practicing this exercise:

  1. Sit down in pose referred as Padma Asana or Lotus Pose, or sit down in a pose referred as Sukha Asana or Easy Pose.
  2. Then close both your eyes and start breathing deeply.
  3. Continue doing this until your body get composed or enters a state of calm.
  4. Then inhale forcefully through your nostrils, and make a throbbing sound by contracting your neck muscles. You will feel a vibration in your head and chest.
  5. You should hold this inhaled breath for a period that is all right to you.
  6. Then close one nostril using your fingers and breathe out through the other nostril.
  7. Repeat this procedure with the other nostril.

This technique should be performed four to five times daily.

Simha Garjana Asana for snoring

This technique is a good remedy for snoring. It is well-known as roaring lion pose.

  1. To perform this technique, sit down on the floor in a diamond pose.
  2. Then spread both your legs and make your thighs almost parallel to your bears.
  3. Place the palms between your knees, as your wrists points outside and your fingers points towards your body.
  4. Slant your head back and then lean forward.
  5. Ensure you maintain concentration on a point at the center of your eyebrows and inhale deep through your nostrils.
  6. Tick your tongue and breathe.
  7. Do the procedure for several times.

By practicing this technique four to five times every day can help to remove any obstructions in your breathing passages and provide effective snoring relief.

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